Super Monster 8x Braid PE Line

The Super Monster 8X PE Line is made out of 8 strand of powerful braid with slim profile, low friction, strong line integrity, with integrating rainbow color depth finder feature, and is specifically designed for casting, jigging, popping and other monster hunting applications.

  • Slim profile with water-eased coating for high speed actions.
  • Optimized for jigging / jerking motions to increase bites
  • Bright identification coloring (1 color for every 10 meters / 32 feet). Every two full cycle is approximately 100 meters.
  • Lowest friction ratio & perfect for casting.
  • Specifically designed for Jigging & Popping.
  • Strong strong line integrity.
  • Low stretch / low memory.

  • Line Size: #5.5 / 100M / 328 feet
    Test: 80 lbs / 37 kg
    Manufacturer: Jigging Master

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